Funding the future

At Bia, we are building the future by investing in underserved communities and unlocking their potential to prosper and thrive.

Our Guiding Principles

At Bia, we invest where we can make a positive impact with projects built for the future.


Bia projects benefit underserved groups that have historically faced discrimination.


Bia projects reduce or offset carbon emissions, support clean transportation, use sustainable materials, and/or address climate resilience.


Bia projects can never impose any disadvantage to the local community or damage the local environment.

Our Impact

In partnership with investors like you, Bia aims to create value in local communities by funding innovative projects focused on improving the economy, fighting poverty, and creating opportunity within historically under-invested neighborhoods.

Climate Change Mitigation

Bia will fund renewable energy projects to help set local communities onto low-carbon development pathways.

Climate Change Adaptation

Our investments deliver improved food security, water efficiency, economic productivity and other climate resiliency — including in rural areas likely to experience the worst effects of climate change.

Renewable Energy Access

Bia investments use renewable energy systems to connect communities to modern, clean and less expensive energy services, bringing transformational social, environmental and economic benefits to those who need it most.

Economic Empowerment

Bia investments help households and enterprises that have been left behind thrive with better energy access and improved reliability and empower clean energy development to create jobs and deliver energy cost savings.

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