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We're Bia. We fund projects that build communities.

All too often, game-changing projects that can really benefit underserved communities are held up by red tape or worse, overlooked because they seem too small for the time and money. 

Most organizations view profit as the sole motivator for their community economic developments. At Bia, return on investment is only one of the many factors we include in our investment decisions.

We are a group of experts in anti-poverty initiatives, public project finance, renewable energy, and sustainable development with the know-how to bring these projects to life through collaboration, expertise, and investment. We know that investing in communities will help them thrive.

Bia's mission

Bia Fund invests in innovative projects focused on improving the economy, environment and community within historically under-invested neighborhoods and spaces.

Bia only invests in overlooked communities that meet the United Nations’ sustainable development definitions and goals. This means investors get a return while a local community gets renewed.

Our Partners

Small investments can make a big impact

We know how to make your money go further. With investments starting at just $500, you can invest in expertly sourced and vetted projects that meet real community needs. Thanks to recent regulatory changes we are able to offer the opportunity to contribute to Bia Fund through Regulation Crowdfunding to raise the capital needed to  support projects that will help under-served communities unlock their potential and thrive.

How we put your money to work

Bia invests project-by-project in the neighborhoods that need it most. Each project is vetted by the Bia management team to ensure it meets sustainable development criteria and will deliver positive long term returns to investors.


Bia’s relationships help us identify low-to-moderate income (LMI) communities that would benefit from non-traditional investments. Bia only invests in projects that meet community needs and have community support.


The Bia team applies their deep business experience to vet the projects’ business plans, long term viability, cash flows and profitability. We only invest in overlooked communities that meet the United Nations’ sustainable development definitions and goals.


You don’t have to be an accredited investor to partner with Bia. This means any investor who cares about environmental and social justice can invest alongside our network of investors and our team to build the future.

Funding projects that empower communities to thrive

We’d love to share more about how and when you can start investing in change through Bia.

Change lives
with Bia

Imagine a world where every community — not just a select few — has the chance to thrive. At Bia, we want to partner with you to transform communities and lives.

Bia Insights

The Bia Impact Fund is shifting the paradigm of project finance by investing in projects that meet sustainable development metrics.

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